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The dignity of nations. A new economic system for the third millenium

World-lab network, 2018

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Languages : français - italiano

Summary :

“Beyond Adam Smith and Karl Max” should be added to the meaningful subtitle of this book, which offers an original and surprising basis for interpretation of the economic events at everyone’s reach.

World-Lab’s original review shows how the modern Economic Science, the way it is conceived and taught nowadays, despite its growing formality, has gradually lost its contact with reality and become “mathematic charlatanry” and, what is worse, it is getting closer to an ideology than to a science.

The pushiness of the single line of thought upon which the “Globalized Market Only System” Economy was built, along with the arrogance of mainstream economists, TINA (There Is No Alternative) followers, underline this regression.

Fortunately, World-Lab reveals, in this context, the existence for the modern economies of an uncommon way out from the ultra-liberal and collectivist drifts, which can be easily adopted and tested locally and which can lead to environmental and social sustainability in a relatively short time.

In other words, another world is possible and, according to World-Lab, it is forthcoming.